Why use Atlas Arboriculture?

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Qualified, Experienced, Insured and Equipped

With a wide range of theoretical and practical professional qualifications we are able to offer a complete package of arboricultural services. A high level of relevant theoretic qualifications in arboriculture and conservation management allows us to give well founded evidence based advice when dealing with trees and woodlands. Collectively we have over 30 years worth of experience in arboriculture enabling us to deal with any tree work operations that may occur.

We are well equipped as a business with a range of plant and machinery to enable us to offer a complete package of arboricultural operations. We have close links and good working relationships with other professional companies, meaning any equipment we may need in addition is accessible through these partnerships. It also means that we can scale up the work force should it be required.

We have bespoke insurance for tree works with Employers Liability cover of £10m, Public Liability Cover of £5m and Professional Indemnity cover of £1m.

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Safety Of Property & People

The health and safety of anybody that may be affected by our arboricultural services is always considered. We work to current health and safety legislation and all of its requirements for the health, safety and welfare of our operatives, site users, and members of the public that come into direct contact with any of our work sites. As a minimum we will undertake site specific risk assessments that correspond directly to our industry generic risk assessments. This means that all hazards and associated risks are considered and suitable control measures and emergency procedures are implemented and communicated to all of our operatives and our clients where necessary.

We are also adept at producing method statements for any operations that may require extra consideration with regard to the planning of the operation and any health and safety implications.

At all times relevant industry best practice information is available to ensure our operatives are working to current guidance.


Customer Satisfaction Excellence

Our customers and their satisfaction is paramount. To enable us to give our clients the levels of service they require we will ask relevant questions to assess their specific needs. Once this baseline of information is established we will then apply our knowledge and expertise to create a suitable plan defining the service required. We are always here to help through every step of the process should there be any questions that need to be answered.

We Care

We as a business genuinely care about trees, the environment and our customers. We care about ensuring our environmental impact is kept to a minimum, we care about ensuring trees are maintained and replanted where required to ensure suitable management of tree stock, and we care that our customers have the best experience of dealing with our business as possible.

Our Services

The tree work operations we prescribe are based upon our expertise, our experience and our qualifications. This enables us to;

Assess the structural health of the tree/s.

Assess the physiological health of the tree/s.

Address specific issues faced by the owners.

In addition to contracting services we are also able to offer:

Geo-Injection & Air Spading:  remediation, soil de-compaction, soil aeration, ground de-compaction, ground aeration, soil injection, ground injections, soil drainage, standing water.

Tree consultancy services specialising in tree condition surveys for individual and groups of trees.

Decay detection services using the IML RESI PD 300 microdrill which measures accurately the levels of decay within trees.

Arboriculturalists that are NPTC qualified climbers for aerial inspection services.

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