Specialist Chelmsford Tree Surgeon

As a Chelmsford tree surgeon I have always been fascinated and passionate about the environment; the countryside, the woodlands, as well as the beautiful gardens that surround our homes. This led me to invest in learning as much as I could, a desire to study and absorb knowledge that would inevitably lead to the development of a business that is equal in its measure of management and conservation.

Qualified Tree Surgeon

I was fortunate to be able undertake undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Conservation and the Environment, practical qualifications in forestry and arboriculture, as well as specialised theoretical qualifications relating to tree work which has allowed me to focus on more complex work as a tree surgeon.

However, it’s not only through education in a college and university setting that has led me to the development of my business, but also over 15 years experience in the industry, undertaking a huge variety of work for many different clients.

Chelmsford Tree Surgeon, Essex

Helping you take control of your environment

My Tree Surgeon Vision

The conservation element is incredibly important to me and my ethos behind Atlas Arboriculture. I take immense pride in the knowledge that the work undertaken is done to the highest standard, and that I am fully invested in supporting my clients and the trees we work with. This dedication is a fundamental principal I hold, the dedication to support my clients and being a trusted business that can be called upon whenever needed; whether that is for advice, guidance, emergency work, or general management and care.


I am also a strong advocate of sustainability, and will always work with my clients to enable this fundamental principle to be accomplished. That may be through recycling materials produced, creating habitats or simply replanting trees when we have had to remove others.

tree surgeon

Experienced Tree Surgeon

It should also be noted that the education does not end with me, but all those that work for me are encouraged and supported in expanding their knowledge, passing on the importance of not only excellent work, but the right type of work. Too often I see work that is wrong for the tree (as a tree surgeon), wrong for the client and wrong for the environment. This is something that I want to stop, and only through supporting businesses and educating new staff can I ensure this work is corrected.

Tree Surgeon Passion

If there is one thing to take from me and my business, it is that I am passionate about the environment we live in. I will always do work that ensures I am balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the tree and the environment; knowing that my secure knowledge base through education and experience will always lead me to the right decisions and course of action.

“For over ten years I have used the services of Steve Davis, both personally and professionally, for a wide variety of arboreal project as well as consultancy matters. I have always found him to be professional and highly knowledgeable and would not hesitate to recommend is services or to provide a reference.”

Tom Kinloch MRICS, Kemsley LLP

“I am always pleased to work with Steve and his team.  Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and I often seek his advice on the best course of action.  They are very flexible and always work around our requirements.”

Ruth Collin, Director of Operations, Chelmsford Cathedral