So what is Geo-Injection & Air Spading?

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Using specialist equipment we are able to de compact soils that have been compacted over time due to heavy foot traffic, construction, and vehicles.

The increase in the density of soil will lead to a variety of problems. These are typically the following, but not limited to;
> Loss of pore spaces in soil
> Loss of soil ecology – bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, insects
> Poorly draining soils
> Reduced availability of nutrients to plants
> Reduced ability of plants to function, leading to poor condition
> Reduced plant ability to deal with pest and disease

Using the Vogt Geo injector Atlas Arboriculture can inject high pressure air into the ground at depths up to 1 metre below ground level.

This creates multiple fractures through the soil, helping to increase pore space in the soil & the amount of available oxygen in the soil for soil biology to thrive. In addition, we then add material into the fracture to keep the pore spaces open, allowing oxygen to be available in the soil & assisting with drainage and moisture availability.

When undertaking injections around plants, material such as biochar, prescribed fertilisers, along with material to retain pore spaces can be added. By targeting the plants requirements we can ensure the root zone has all that trees require function.

The process creates minimal surface disturbance meaning after the treatment has taken place you would hardly see we had been there. This is a huge benefit over other methods of de-compaction.

Typical applications of Geo Injections are;
> To alleviate ground compaction on development sites
> To alleviate compaction over the root zone of trees
> To help improve soil biological processes for planting
> Improving drainage of ground reducing/preventing standing water

In addition to Geo-Injections, we are also equipped to undertake air spade excavation, air spade soil de-compaction and vertical mulching and root collar excavations.


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