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Our Services

The tree work operations we prescribe are based upon our expertise, our experience and our qualifications.

This enables us to;

> Assess the structural health of the tree/s

> Assess the physiological health of the tree/s

> Address specific issues faced by the owners

This approach means only appropriate and reasonable recommendations are given.

tree consultancy
tree surgery

Tree Surgery

Atlas arboriculture provides qualified and insured tree experts that are able to undertake all aspects of tree surgery in a professional manner and to the highest standard. All of our work is carried out to British Standard 3998:2010 Recommendations for Tree Work.

Tree Surgery services we provide are:

  • Pruning (All aspects of pruning including reductions, thinning, crown lifting, crown cleaning)
  • Planting
  • Tree Felling
  • Sectional Dismantling of Trees
  • Stump Removal/ Stump Grinding

Tree Removal

Our suitably qualified and insured operatives are able to provide tree removal services in a range of environments.

Tree Felling

Trees can be felled safely from ground level when the site conditions allow. With a wealth of experience of tree felling on a range of sites our qualified team can undertake any felling tasks that may be required. From felling individual trees to groups of trees or felling in a woodland environment Atlas Arboriculture can professionally and safely undertake any work that may be required.

Sectional Dismantling of Trees

If space is restricted trees can be removed in sections by dismantling the tree piece by piece, therefore preventing unnecessary damage to surrounding property. Using a range of rigging equipment our tree specialists are able to remove trees in the safest manner possible, taking into consideration the site and surroundings.

arboriculture tree specialists


An arboriculturalist will typically be a tree care professional specialising in providing clients with information on their tree stock on a consultancy basis (tree consultant).

Tree Consultancy

Atlas Arboriculture are able to offer tree consultancy services specialising in tree condition/ tree hazard surveys. This can be for individual trees to groups of trees or even surveying woodland areas. Using knowledge from a range of professional theoretical qualifications along with practical experience contracting we are able to undertake tree surveys that identify physiological and structural problems and recommend suitable management options for any trees surveyed.

Aerial Tree Inspections

As qualified tree climbers we are capable of undertaking aerial defect inspections for trees that may require a higher level of inspection than that of a ground based inspection.

Decay Detection

To assess the consistency of wood on trees that have been identified as showing signs of decay sometimes it is necessary to quantify the levels of decay present. Atlas Arboriculture utilise sophisticated equipment to help provide this evidence. The RESI PD is a piece of specialist equipment that tests the woody tissue by passing a very fine drill bit through the wood measuring its resistance to drilling. The information gathered is then interpreted to assess the levels of decay present which is used to give informed management decisions.

tree surgeon

“For over ten years I have used the services of Steve Davis, both personally and professionally, for a wide variety of arboreal project as well as consultancy matters. I have always found him to be professional and highly knowledgeable and would not hesitate to recommend is services or to provide a reference.”

Tom Kinloch MRICS, Kemsley LLP

“I am always pleased to work with Steve and his team.  Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and I often seek his advice on the best course of action.  They are very flexible and always work around our requirements.”

Ruth Collin, Director of Operations, Chelmsford Cathedral