There are many different factors to consider when deciding upon when to remove a tree. Mostly clients will have a specific reason for the removal It may be that the tree has died, is in decline, is diseased, is structurally weakened, is creating too much shade or is too close to a building and is causing problems to the property.

Before considering when is the best time to cut a tree down and actually cut down a tree, you should take the time to check that the tree does not have any planning constraints, such as being protected by a Tree Preservation Order or being within a Conservation Area.

Ultimately you can remove a tree at any time, although the reason that the tree is going to be removed will have an impact upon when works should be carried out. If a tree has been deemed as structurally unsafe, or is imminently likely to fail and may cause damage to people or property, then it is likely that the tree should be cut down sooner rather than later regardless of the time of the year. Although this should always be checked by a professional arborist.

One of the key things that needs to be considered when removing a tree is the impact upon the wildlife that may be inhabiting it. As many of the species of wildlife that use trees as their homes are protected through various wildlife legislation, therefore it is always necessary to ensure that they are not adversely affected when trees are removed. For example; tree removal can remove nesting sites for birds and or roosting sites for bats. To limit the impact upon wildlife it is always better to cut down or remove trees when wildlife is less active, perhaps in the autumn or winter months. If it is absolutely necessary to remove a tree during the summer months a pre work check should be carried out to make sure there are no roosting bats or nesting birds present.

Whatever the reason for cutting a tree down there are a variety of factors to consider. This is where our industry training and experience will help you to make the right decision, balancing everything that needs to be considered to make the correct choices upon deciding when to remove a tree.

Sometimes it is not always necessary to completely remove a tree. More often than not there are things that can be done to retain trees whilst balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the tree and the environment. As complete tree removal is often more costly than removal of branches or pruning. it is always worth getting an opinion from a qualified, experienced, insured and trust worthy tree expert like those at Atlas Arboriculture.

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